The Role Of Self-Pleasure In Creating A Safer, More Integrated, And Robust Society

Self Pleasure

This article argues for the destigmatization of self-pleasure in order to create a safer and more integrated society. It challenges the negative beliefs and myths surrounding masturbation and highlights the health benefits it offers. The excerpt criticizes religious and social stigmatization and explores the positive impacts of self-pleasure on intimacy, decision-making, and relationship satisfaction. By normalizing self-pleasure, individuals can develop self-awareness and self-confidence, leading to better choices and harmonious relationships. The author concludes by emphasizing the importance of self-pleasure in creating a world where all sexual contact is consensual and nourishing.

Why Healers Can’t Choose Sides: Is Your Service Inclusive Enough?

female counselor and female patient

Healing is for everyone, no matter their religious, political, sexual, or any other preference. And as a practitioner, I cannot bring my personal views on said categories into the equation when I’m serving a client. What their preferences are, are none of my business.

Transforming Relationships With Your Patients and Clients

african american female doctor and female patient

A new kind of leadership is emerging. A leadership that is so powerful, so influential, that it will surpass all other types of leadership in the years to come. Knowing this, it’s vital for professionals to understand this new type of leadership as it will have a direct impact on the success of their modality and business.