The Role Of Self-Pleasure In Creating A Safer, More Integrated, And Robust Society

The Role Of Self-Pleasure In Creating A Safer, More Integrated, And Robust Society

If we are going to create a safer, more robust world, then one disruptive consideration is to destigmatize masturbation. Masturbation comes from the Latin verb masturbare: to defile by hand or to disturb by hand. This fact is why, for the sake of this article, we will be intentionally using the term self-pleasuring to reclaim a more wholesome orientation to the act of self-creating pleasure in the body.

Unfortunately, this may be quite the Herculean intention, since self-pleasuring has been villainized for far too long through many prevalent myths. These include claims that it causes blindness, harms the body & soul, destroys marriages, and so forth. For some, it is so indoctrinated that self-pleasuring is “bad/wrong/evil,” that even mentioning the word masturbation or any of the associated words can trigger very strong reactions of fear, anger, and outrage.

Moving away from the religious and social agendas that stigmatize self-pleasuring as a despicable act, we can turn our attention to both medical and psychological studies that have examined the impact of self-pleasuring on the well-being of people. Through the research lens, we find numerous health benefits such as enhancing hormonal health, reducing pain, and improving immunity. It also leads to reducing stress and anxiety, supporting mental health, self-esteem, mental focus, concentration & cognition, and getting better sleep.

Rectifying the Gap: Moral Outrage vs. Scientific Evidence

How can we rectify this massive gap between moral outrage versus scientific evidence? How can we teach the latter: the proof that self-pleasuring may indeed be both natural and necessary for supporting healthy individuals – and healthy societies?

In nearly all major religions, the idea of self-pleasure is frowned upon or even made to be something destructive or “bad, sinful, disgraceful, disgusting, punishable.” In doing so, we have essentially created a multi-generational stigma around a simple somatic practice that has the potential of supporting mental, hormonal, sexual, and relational well-being. The NoFap movement has also encouraged individuals to stop self-pleasuring, linked primarily with porn addiction.

One would imagine that the intent of all the stigma, rules, and laws in place to assure that human beings do not partake in self-pleasuring would be to create a safer, healthier, more relationally robust world. Yet GBV (gender-based violence) and sex- trafficking are at their all-time highest levels.

Through destigmatizing self-pleasuring and placing it in the category of an activity that supports physical and mental health, we begin to shift humanity towards a more integrated, sexually-conscious world. This shift is crucial to eradicate GBV, domestic violence, high divorce rates, and poor sexual well-being.

Impacts of Healthy Self-Pleasuring

Through normalizing self-pleasure, we create more self-awareness, self-regulation, self-soothing, and self-confidence, while also supporting individuals to feel more empowered to make better decisions when it comes to choosing a sexual partner.

We also support individuals within a couple to be more responsible with their desires and sexual needs, using skillful self-pleasuring as a means to create more relationship harmony and satisfaction.

Where It Begins: Embracing Self-Pleasure

Where does this begin?

It begins with ourselves. It’s our willingness to take ourselves on as a beloved lover. And to learn new ways to be with ourselves that moves us from using erotic self-touch not just to relieve sexual tension, but also to train us how to be better lovers for ourselves and our partner(s).

When self-pleasuring becomes the playground for assisting individuals to progress with their erotic maturation process, we create a world of more connected, respectful, and conscious individuals. They are no longer overwhelmed, hurt, or traumatized by sensual and sexual experiences. Robust, integrated people are crucial to creating a world where all sexual contact is safe, consensual, and deeply nourishing.

So what next?

We have explored the remarkable potential of destigmatizing self-pleasure and its profound impact on creating a safer, more integrated society. Now, it’s time to take action and experience the transformative power for yourself.

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