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The Embodied PsychoSexual Method & Désilets Method
Ambassador Program

Sexual sovereignty belongs to everybody and every ‘body’. When individuals learn that their body is truly a place where they can feel safe and relaxed, where they can trust their body, and also trust the pleasure that emerges naturally from cultivating a genuine intimacy with oneself, healing and liberation arise.

It’s through empowering one individual at a time that we transform the world into a place where we can enjoy, celebrate and experience a greater sense of wellbeing and pleasure for the duration of our lifetime.

It’s our mission to do this, and for this to happen, your very special genius is needed.


Because your unique genius is urgently required as part of a global, collective, multi-disciplinary approach to solving one of humanity’s greatest shadows: the shadow on the topic of sexuality & intimacy.

Talk Therapy is not enough, Sexual Medicine as it is practiced is not enough, Social Work around sexual issues is not enough.


Psychosexuality looks at the relationship between the psychology of a person and their sexual function and sexual experience and how the two influence one another. However, although this understanding supports practitioners to bridge the gap between our beliefs/emotions and sexual experience and to gain a better understanding for what will facilitate a greater healing for the client, there’s still one profound piece missing from the current way in which psychosexuality is being utilized: the somatic experience of sexuality along with the impact of tissue memory on function, pleasure and orgasm. Psychosexuality applies to every BODY.

My Embodied PsychoSexual/Désilets Method has the unique addition of weaving somatic awareness into the process, taking into consideration the impact of the practitioners embodiment (aka limbic resonance) as well as encouraging client’s active participation in implementing interoceptive awareness, somatic practices, and self-regulating techniques. The addition of embodied component to the psychosexual methodology makes it far more impactful and transformative. The ability to dynamically shift and stabilize our ‘feltstate’ is a crucial skillset that allows for the greatest transformation to arise for our clients/patients and is honed throughout this training program.

Currently this method has been demonstrated to have measurable physiological impact on the sexual function of the vulva and has been included in an innovative medical protocol and been a part of a rigorous scientific study where the preliminary results were astounding, thus further legitimizing the effectiveness of this methodology.

What are the origins of the Embodied PsychoSexual Method?

Over 2.5 decades ago I was told by my surgeon that I had two weeks to live after a traumatic rape experience. Faced with choosing to live or die, I obviously chose life. This choice led me on a deep healing journey of recovering my body, mind, and spirit in the realms of sensuality, sexuality, pleasure and orgasm. A few years later, women started to ask to train with me. After teaching in 16 different countries around the work to tens of thousands of women from all walks of life, ages, cultures and orientations, a tried and true method emerged and led to me getting a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, specializing in the psychosexual wellbeing of women and in the sexual sovereignty of individuals.

Over time, I started to recognize the foundational necessity of this understanding as the missing link in nearly any profession that was handling human sexuality in one form or another. This led to the 5 year co-created study with Dr. Wickman, a luminary Ob-Gyn, where we were able to measure the impact of embodied psychosexuality on the vulva. It’s from this practical and researched approach that this particular course was created.

More recently, the Embodied PsychoSexual Method was part of a medical protocol to transform sexual dysfunction and went through 2 month study with 111 participants, of which 84 qualified for the study. The preliminary results were astounding:

We found an increase in:

  • Personal Sexual Satisfaction
  • Partner & Activity Sexual Satisfaction
  • Total Sexual Satisfaction
  • Sexual Communication
  • Love-Intimacy
  • Love-Passion
  • Total Love
  • Sexual Frequency
  • Sexual Duration (length of time having sex)
  • Sexual Routine
  • Penetration Length (how long penetration lasted)
  • Sexual Confidence
  • Shift towards more Secure Attachment

And a decrease in: Sexual Shame

Our EPSM protocols, of which you will learn in this program, support you to weave our methodology into your modality seamlessly and will set you worlds apart from anyone else in your industry.

Are you ready to be part of this prestigious program?


This course is for anyone who has an interest in supporting individuals to better understand their sensuality and sexuality. Professionals who are faced with the sexual side of their clients’ life will be more effective in their methodology by implementing the Embodied PsychoSexual approach, while coaches, writers, speakers, and authors will be able to inspire transformation when addressing the important topic of Sexual Sovereignty. For individuals who wish to deepen their own understanding and embodiment of their sexuality, this course will provide the encouragement and knowledge for their continued transformation.

the benefits of the epsm program


10 Learning Modules Will Be Covered

using one-on-one coaching, group learning and support, self-directed study and an experiential component

What is psychosexuality? How does the DM approach differ from others? Why is the somatic portion crucial? Current professionals in need of psychosexuality (medicine, therapy, first responders, social workers, advocates, shelters, etc). The failure of talk therapy and body practices without psychosexuality. We cannot take sides – what are we serving? Clear mission statement. 

Modern view on body/mind, neurosculpting, plasticity of the nervous system and body, sexual anatomy, conditions—physical, social, relational & psychological—that impact sexual function, and STIs.

Definition creates reality, limbic resonance, transference, mirror neurons, cellular repatterning, assisting new habits, establishing & deepening trust with self and body, handling conflict with integrity, practitioner is embodied—what does this mean?

What is sexual sovereignty? What does it mean for individuals? How does it affect current cultures and governing bodies? How can we speak of it in everyday lingo? How can we embody this? Orientation doesn’t matter, we’re not here to tell others HOW to have sex or with WHOM—we’re here to support individuals to be aligned with themselves, their body and their desires. 

Historical impact on women re: sexuality, current media influence, current dilemmas (freedom/responsibility), trauma, numbness, dissociation, coming back into the body, loving the vulva, female sexual anatomy and function, impact of hormones, cancer, birth, & menopause.

Historical impact on men re: sexuality, current media influence, current dilemmas (freedom/responsibility), trauma, numbness, addiction, coming back into the body, loving the cock, male sexual anatomy and function, impact of hormones, cancer, & andropause.

New views on non-cis-gendered sexuality, current media influence, current dilemmas (freedom/responsibility), trauma, numbness, addiction, coming back into the body, loving the genitals, sexual anatomy and function (post-op), impact of hormones, cancer, & hormonal-shifts.

How domestication impacts psychosexuality, cultural memes, religious ideals, familial inheritance, social conditioning, finding sexual sovereignty during an era of victimhood and woundology.

Sex as functional model, sex through the meaning model, impact of identity on pleasure, pleasure as the central force in education and expression, the function of the erotic mind and fantasy.

Shifting from victim to sexually sovereign relating, self-ownership & cultivation of desire, what does intimacy mean and does it matter? how does love fit in this? What is desire? How do we explore it safely? 



  • Create, complete, and present your graduation project: It can be a writing project, a video, a webinar, a seminar, podcast, etc. 
  • 25 Client Feedback forms
  • Final Assessment Interview with Dr. Saida


  • 3 Private 30-minute sessions with Dr. Désilets
  • Workbook
  • Lifetime Access to Jade Egg Mastery Program
  • 1-year Membership to The Daring Project, plus special alumni discount for continued membership
  • Eligibility to enroll in The Désilets Method Ambassador Certification Program
  • Eligibility for Alumni Membership which includes continued education classes and more 


  • Embodied PsychoSexual Method (EPSM) Session runs October 3rd, 2024 – March 13th, 2025
  • We will kick of the year with a “getting to know you party” with the program Alumni
  • This is a 6-Month Immersive Training with LIVE online classes only.
  • It is a pre-requisite for full certification as a Désilets Method Ambassador
  • Application fee $500 USD
  • Investment $5000 USD (payment plans available)
  • Please note that this portion of the program is attended by those who are in the EPSM as well as in the FULL CERTIFICATION (Ambassador) program. Alumni’s will also be in attendance. 



What is The Désilets Method? It is an innovative & integrative system that’s based on the premise that people are psychosexual beings, and therefore, for any  empowerment or healing to occur and be long lasting, there must be an inclusion of both their psyche and their soma (body). This method is the missing link in the field of women’s sexuality and is based on nearly two-and-a-half decades of tried-&-true practices (with the Jade Egg and other somatic techniques) that were both personally and professionally researched and refined.

There are two essential components to this method:

1. Embodied PsychoSexual Method (EPSM) is the understanding of sexual sovereignty through the psychological and somatic connection each individual has with their sexuality. This applies to every ‘body’.

There are ten foundational premises by which all sessions, workshops, coaching, and work are based upon.

2. The Désilets Method (DM) which brings in all of the 10 foundational premises, plus two additional ones in combination with somatic exercises. The methodology uses mindfulness, self-awareness, breath, meditation, movement, and erotic activation to enhance desire, transform imbalances, rebuild trust, and re-patterning cellular memory. The method involves using physician-certified techniques of the Jade Egg.

My PhD dissertation closely examined the impact of these practices on the psycho-sexual well-being of women, while simultaneously testing the practices through sharing them with women of all ages and backgrounds, in over 16 different countries around the world, over the past 20+ years. Countless women have been inspired and transformed by the Désilets Method,which includes the proper context and use of the Jade Egg and its accompanying practices.

NOTE: This is the ONLY existing Physician Endorsed Jade Egg technology. And this qualification is currently changing how female medicine is being done and will only continue to grow in its reach and influence as a symbol of excellence in this industry.

the benefits of the full ambassador program

The Désilets Method: Deepening Embodiment

  • 3 Sessions with Dr. Saida
  • 3 Sessions with Willow Davies
  • 3 Session with Lesley Joiner

1 week of LIVE in-person training where our physician-endorsed Jade Egg method will be shared for both continued personal development as well as for professional facilitation. Deeper qi gong practices will be shared to further develop your limber resonance, while experiential pieces will be shared so you can have tools to support client transformation.

2 hour LIVE Zoom calls reviewing trainings with

  • Ob-Gyn Dr. Wickman
  • Ob-Gyn Dr. Lissa Rankin
  • Osteopath Natalie Lejeune
  • Pelvic Pain specialist Isa Hererra

On the business side, we will give you access to a fantastic Quiz Funnel training so you can enhance and grow your business.

You will have one accountability partner we call a ‘Muse’. This person will support (and be supported by you) to develop your graduation project.

Clear instructions will be given for each segment so that you can maximize effectiveness and
create a useable product by the end of the training.

You will be encouraged to facilitate during the 6 month period and collect feedback forms from
your clients/students. You need 50 in total to complete the entire program (note: if you already
submitted 25 from the EPSM portion of the program, they count towards the 50 needed).

This program includes a 1 year license to use all the IP of The Désilets Method. This includes any anatomy charts, the psychosexual map, and other facilitation resources.

You also have a full year membership to the Daring Project, our LIVE FB community where Dr. Saida goes live weekly. Here there are hundreds of video resources that cover a wide range of client-based questions and Dr. Saida’s ideas/solutions.

You will not be left alone to fend for yourself. We are in this together. After graduation we have quarterly Alumni calls that have ‘continuing education’ and support. These are available to all active members.

All graduates will be featured on our Ambassador Directory. Interview opportunities that arise may also be shared with you as well as access to  wholesale prices for Jade Eggs and Dr. Saida’s books.


  • We will kick of the year on October 3rd with a “getting to know you” party with the Alumni
    Full Ambassador Training (EPSM + Desilets Method) runs October 3rd, 2024 – September 11th, 2025
    This is a year-long Immersive Training*
  • LIVE online classes & in-person experiential learning
    One-week LIVE in-person retreat**
  • Dates of Retreat are April 9-17, 2025 location TBD
  • Application fee $500USD
     $11000 USD (payment plans available)
  • *Training must be completed within 2 years*
    **Attendance at Retreat is REQUIRED for moving forward with the Desilets Method training**

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