Jade Egg Essentials

Curious about the Jade Egg and not sure where to start? This step-by-step 2 week essentials program will show you everything you need to know to successfully use and enjoy the Jade Egg. Although it’s often depicted more like a sex toy or gym exercise, the Jade Egg practice is much more than that. It’s the gateway to unlocking your pleasure, heightening your orgasmic capacity, and healing imbalances that may currently be limiting your ability to relax and enjoy sex. Feel more alive, confident and relaxed with our physician-approved practices. [Includes videos, real Canadian, GIA certified jade egg, 9-track guided practice MP3, and the Emergence of the Sensual Woman book].

The Jade Egg

The Jade Egg is the source of great intrigue (Netflix did a series on it!) and controversy (Goop lawsuit). In the midst of all the noise and fancy marketing, how do we know what is true and what really works?

First of all, YES! to our desire to empower our sexuality. Secondly, YES! to taking our pleasure into our own hands. And Thirdly, NO! to all the hype that profits off our insecurities!!

The Jade Egg cannot suddenly clear away all our troubles or miraculously deliver orgasms, however, when used properly, the Jade Egg practice can bring real, lasting, positive, life-long transformation to our sexual health and intimate life. The secret is in HOW we use the egg, not the type of egg or how many sizes it comes in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no returns on the Jade Egg due to their intimate nature. Thank you.

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Emergence of the Sensual Woman

Within everyone of us lives erotic innocence, and when we start to practice what it means to live attuned and expressed as a sensual woman, we tap into our natural beauty, pleasure, and omni-orgasmic possibilities!

This book offers both an authentic look at what it means to live as a sexually awake and conscious woman in a world that does not yet understand the true value and importance of integrating pleasure into our everyday life.

It also offers over 60 original Jade Egg practices along with many other practices and tips for mastering not only our pleasure, but also increasing our vitality and emotional and mental well being.

Desire The Book

Desire has a bad reputation, yet still remains a titillating subject.

Currently, most books on desire either focus on the latest research in the field of human desire or are more erotic and explicit in their orientation.

This polarized view on desire is also reflected within the greater collective of our society with the recent rise of the #MeToo movement and the outing of influential leaders. The time is ripe for the introduction of a new paradigm for desire.

In my book, I compare the impact of socially mandated desires on our living experience of fulfillment (or lack thereof) with the igniting and guiding force of our true desires. As such, I regard desire as an emerging, evolutionary force in our lives―to be both harnessed and trusted as our own unique compass.

I also share the possibility that desire is more like a symphony, appearing in our life as different types of desire songs: the Song of Eros, the Song of Rapture, the Song of Love, the Song of Procreation, the Song of Thriving, and the Song of Contribution.