Wyld Women in the Wilderness

Early this year, I felt soul-sick. I had no sense of joy and knew I had to do something to heal my heart. Then I felt him. No, not a sexy man. A male lion. I felt his gaze. And his roar. And I knew with absolute certainty that I had to go to South Africa. So I did. My experience with the lion who called to me in my dream was utterly magical.

Post-pandemic I need this more than ever, and I sense, you do to. Africa is calling. The wilderness is calling. The lion is calling.

For this reason, I am gathering 7 women into a 90-Day Deep Transformational & Healing Program culminating in an exclusively unique 2 week trip into South Africa’s spectacular nature. A place where we drop in—beyond words, techniques, and paradigms—and return to our own deep Source.