Transforming Relationships With Your Patients and Clients

Whether you like it or not, you are a leader. You may or may not feel prepared or even willing to lead, yet if you work with others where you are in a position of influence, you are leading. You’re leading not only by how you speak and practice your modality; you are also leading by your own embodiment and presence.

Why is this important to your business and the world at large?

When we look around today, there is one clear trend that has emerged: leadership, as we’ve known it to be, is crumbling. This means that a new kind of leadership is required in order for the needle to be moved forward. A leadership that does less dictating of “this is how it is” and no longer uses fear-mongering as a motivational tactic. In fact, leadership of this nature is no longer very effective. This is true whether it’s a political leader or a person who is providing care for an individual.

A new kind of leadership is emerging. A leadership that is so powerful, so influential, that it will surpass all other types of leadership in the years to come. Knowing this, it’s vital for professionals to understand this new type of leadership as it will have a direct impact on the success of their modality and business.

Embodied Leadership: What It Is And Why It’s Crucial.

Embodied leadership means leading through example, through the sum of our habitual choices, and through who we actually are as a person. This type of leadership uses both limbic and morphic resonance as its main way to impact and influence others.

Limbic resonance is the sum total of everything you embody (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Morphic resonance is your own knowing and trust in the process you are facilitating which then gives you the ability to lend faith to someone who is uncertain about themselves and/or an outcome. These roles require the ability to know oneself, to have self-regulating skills, and to understand how it’s inherently who we are rather than what we say or do that has the most potent impact. For example, if we tell someone not to eat sugar, yet we are always eating sugar, the client will experience dissonance between what we do and what we say. This dissonance creates unconscious mistrust. Without trust, it’s far more challenging to have healing occur.

Also, embodied leadership moves us out of the child-parent dynamic that currently dominates the majority of leadership. Instead, it moves us into an adult-inspiring-adults dynamic that regards everyone as powerful, sovereign, and capable of being responsible for themselves.

This is an edgy topic.

We are immersed in a victim/woundology culture. Unfortunately, for real healing and transformation to occur and to last, it’s crucial we step into a sovereignty mindset.

Basically, this means working with our clients instead of for our clients. 

We are so used to the attitude that the professional knows best, that often we are harming clients purely by devaluing their own opinion and participation in the healing journey. Even in extreme cases, where the client has no ability to act or advocate for themselves, limbic and morphic resonance are powerful influencers on the quality of care and nature of healing that occurs.

This simple yet not always easy shift into embodied leadership is the most effective and powerful way to assist clients to cultivate a lifetime of well-being. The reason is that we are not only handling the immediate needs of the client, but we are also imprinting a long-term, the viable skill of trusting themselves, no matter the situation at hand. Think of it a bit like your clients absorbing the totality of your embodiment as an imprint of possibility.

The ability to be embodied is even more essential for modalities that involve the body, especially sexuality. This doesn’t mean we need to be courtesans to be able to facilitate transformation for others. However, our depth of comfort with our own sexuality and sensuality will have a profound impact on how we influence our clients.

If being ahead of the curve and leading the way in a new paradigm is something that resonates with you, learn more about the Embodied Psychosexual Method professional certification program.