Endorsed Qualification To Teach My Désilets Method:

You will be formally endorsed and able to teach the Désilets Method.

The Désilets Method is an innovative & integrative system that’s based on the premise thatpeople are psycho-sexual beings, and therefore, for any empowerment or healing to occur and
be long lasting, there must be an inclusion of both their psyche and their soma (body). This method is the missing link in the field of women’s sexuality and is based on nearly two
decades of tried-&-true practices (with the Jade Egg and other techniques) that were both personally and professionally researched and refined.

There are two essential components to this method:

1. EPSM (Embodied PsychoSexual Method) is the understanding of sexual sovereignty through the psychological and somatic connection each individual has with their sexuality.

There are ten foundational premises by which all sessions, workshops, coaching, and work are
based upon.


2. DM (the Desilets Method) which brings in all of the 10 foundational premises, plus two additional ones in combination with somatic exercises. The methodology uses mindfulness,
self-awareness, breath, meditation, movement, and erotic activation to enhance desire, transform imbalances, rebuild trust, and re-patterning cellular memory. The method involves
using physician-certified techniques of the Jade Egg.

My PhD dissertation closely examined the impact of these practices on the psycho-sexual well-being of women, while simultaneously testing the practices through sharing them with
women of all ages and backgrounds, in over 16 different countries around the world, over the past 20+ years. Countless women have been inspired and transformed by the Désilets Method,which includes the proper context and use of the Jade Egg and its accompanying practices.

Remember, this is the ONLY existing Physician Endorsed Jade Egg technology. And this qualification is currently changing how female medicine is being done and will only continue to grow in its reach and influence as a symbol of excellence in this industry.

Deepening Embodiment

  • 3 Sessions with Dr. Saida
  • 3 Sessions with Willow
  • 3 Session with Naomi

1 week of LIVE in-person training where our physician-endorsed Jade Egg method will be shared for both continued personal development as well as for professional facilitation. Deeper qi gong practices will be shared to further develop your limber resonance, while experiential pieces will be shared so you can have tools to support client transformation.

2 hour LIVE Zoom calls reviewing trainings with Ob-Gyn Dr. Wickman, Ob-Gyn Dr. Lissa Rankin,
Osteopath Natalie, & Pelvic Pain specialist Isa Hererra.

On the business side, we will give you access to a fantastic Quiz Funnel training so you can enhance and grow your business.

You will have one accountability partner we call a ‘Muse’. This person will support (and be supported by you) to develop your graduation project.

Clear instructions will be given for each segment so that you can maximize effectiveness and
create a useable product by the end of the training.

You will be encouraged to facilitate during the 6 month period and collect feedback forms from
your clients/students. You need 50 in total to complete the entire program (note: if you already
submitted 25 from the EPSM portion of the program, they count towards the 50 needed).

This program includes a 1 year license to use all the IP of the DM. This includes any anatomy
charts, the psychosexual map, and other facilitation resources.

You also have a full year membership to the Daring Project, our LIVE FB community where Dr. Saida goes live weekly. Here there are hundreds of video resources that cover a wide range of client-based questions and Dr. Saida’s ideas/solutions.

You will not be left alone to fend for yourself. We are in this together. After graduation we have
quarterly Alumni calls that are like ‘continuing education’ and support. These are available to all
active members.

All graduates will be featured on our Ambassador Directory. Interview opportunities that arise
may also be shared with you as well as access to wholesale prices for Jade Eggs and Dr.
Saida’s books.

Program Details


  • April 4-8th, 2022 – With Dr. Saida (3 of 6)
  • April 25-30th, 2022 – With Willow (1 of 3)
  • May 16-20th, 2022 – With Naomi (1 of 3)
  • June 6-10th, 2022 – With Dr. Saida (4 of 6)
  • June 20-24th, 2022 – With Naomi (2 of 3)
  • July 4-8th, 2022 – With Willow (2 of 3)
  • July 18-22nd, 2022 – With Naomi (3 of 3)
  • August 8-12th, 2022 – With Saida (5 of 6)
  • August 22nd-26th, 2022 – With Willow (3 of 3)
  • September 5-9th, 2022 – With Saida (6 of 6)


  • April 14th, Thursday, 9-11am Pacific – Call #11
  • May 12th, Thursday, 9-11am Pacific – Call #12
  • July 14th, Thursday, 9-11am Pacific – Call #13 (Final content call)
  • September 15th, Thursday, 9-11am Pacific – Call #14 (Graduation Presentation Event)