Jade Egg


IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no returns on the Jade Egg due to their intimate nature. Thank you.

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The Jade Egg is the source of great intrigue (Netflix did a series on it!) and controversy (Goop lawsuit). In the midst of all the noise and fancy marketing, how do we know what is true and what really works?

First of all, YES! to our desire to empower our sexuality. Secondly, YES! to taking our pleasure into our own hands. And Thirdly, NO! to all the hype that profits off our insecurities!!

The Jade Egg cannot suddenly clear away all our troubles or miraculously deliver orgasms, however, when used properly, the Jade Egg practice can bring real, lasting, positive, life-long transformation to our sexual health and intimate life. The secret is in HOW we use the egg, not the type of egg or how many sizes it comes in.


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