Nicole Wainwright
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I specialize in supporting women that feel shattered by betrayal so that they can reclaim their self worth and sexual vitality.

I also specialize in supporting mothers who have given their time, attention and years to their children, whether that is 1 or 21 years, and are now ready to reclaim their bodies and their pleasure for themselves.

By using what you have learned while caring for others, and the life lessons and challenges of motherhood and/or marriage as fuel for your personal fire, I will show you how you can reignite your sensual, sexual and passionate self, so that you can come back stronger and more vibrant than ever.

When I am not holding space for sensual juicy women who are expressing the fullness of themselves, I can be found hiking by myself, travelling with friends or enticing my teenage daughters to adventure in nature with me.

I offer support both in person and online, in groups and 1:1.