Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Languages: German, English, Swiss


My specialty

When you smile – Do you smile with all the lips you have?

I´m Koko from PussyWisdom and as a coachesse I kiss women awake to sense & sensuality.

Working with me is like a guided stage-dive into your empowerment and erotic intelligence.

I am known for revealing the force of nature, as which you were born.


Whom I serve

Women (also men and couples)


What I offer

Online coaching: PussyWisdom-Package

Online community: PussyGäääng

Offline workshops:

– DragonSeed (JadeEggEssentials)

– Burlesque Empussyment


Online Courses (still in progress:

– DragonSeed (JadeEggEssentials)

– DragonWisdom (JadeEggMastery)