Kimmberly Wotipka
Houston, TX
I specialize in guiding women who are in the middle of their ‘what next’ moments, to find their true life path from a place of deep honesty and fearless self-understanding. The world might dismiss your pain and confusion as a mid-life crisis or empty nest syndrome, but I know that it is in these moments that we can shed the weight of all of the expectations that have been put on us, and truly come alive. If you are feeling lost, or your heart is aching for something more but you don’t know what that is, I will be your guide in creating the life that you have been dreaming to lead. Through connecting with your deep sexual nature, your soul’s wisdom, and what your heart is aching to express, your second half of life will be juicier, richer, and more turned on than you have ever dreamt possible!
When I am not supporting women like you to live their juiciest life, you can find me building sandcastles with my grandchildren and being wined and dined by my amazing husband. I offer support both in-person and online.