Suction Sex:
The Art Of Connected Penetration

With Aaron Michael & Dr. Saida Desilets

Saturday & SunDAy MAy 27-28, 2023 | 10am – 5pm
Location: Austin, Texas
(Exact location revealed with registration)

“To me it is deeply healing for the body and....opening different ways of being, exchanging communication of love, breaking from old and restricted couple relationships. It's really a practical and involving workshop experience with the two of you, so nice and professional at the same time.”
Edvige Lagarde
Aaron Michael, founder of Suction Sex, and Dr. Saida Désilets, author of Desire & creatrix of the Embodied Psychosexual Method will be coming to Austin, Texas for a special two-day immersion on Saturday and Sunday, May 27th and 28th, 2023. This two-day immersion is designed to support singles and couples to feel more connected, switched on, inspired, and confident with experiencing and creating more arousal and pleasure in their intimate life. It’s our desire bring back art, beauty, playfulness & pleasure to the act of sex by sharing clear, simple, and direct ways that support embodying the full spectrum of Eros in a way that becomes improvisational, meditative, spiritual and explosive, yet profoundly nourishing. This is an interactive, clothes-on event for the playfully curious, explorative, and adventurous.
"I believe what you are both doing is helping us reset our connections and pleasure! Its so so valuable, I had no idea it was possible to go this deep with any kind of training."

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Location: Austin (location revealed post-registration)
*Price will increase to $425/single and $800/couple May 17th

"Very professional, inviting and full of life-force energy that made you smile and giggle. I liked the seriousness and yet the playful tone at the same time. You made a challenging theme safe, fun, and down to earth, so to speak."
aaron michael and saida desilets fully clothed demonstrating a position
Aaron Michael holding anatomically correct vagina
aaron michael and saida desilets fully clothed demonstrating a position for stimulation
"I loved the playful penetration workshop. I recently connected with an old lover and I have to tell you my Yoni is sooo alive, so cool to compare a 1.5 years ago and today- and I intentionally used the heart, belly, genital connection, that Saida & Aaron demonstrated, while I was on top of him, like a wave. It was so simple, the intention made it so powerful, and the wave like movement- his reaction was amazing. It was so fun, pleasurable and the connection we felt was amazing. Thank you so much, for putting all this out there. "

Dr. Saida Desilets

Dr. Saida Désilets wants to live in a world filled with audacious, sexually sovereign people, living life on their own terms. As a TEDx speaker, researcher, counter-culture creatrix, body-philosopher, and author, her work has touched the lives of millions globally.

Dr. Saida’s innovative approach to PsychoSexuality, desire, and pleasure invites both the public and professionals to better understand the importance of accessing their erotic genius. Her medically-endorsed method integrates somatic awareness, neural and cellular re-patterning and robust reframes of sensuality and sex which all work in harmony to support the erotic individuation process. When not researching or creating transformational programs, Dr. Saida enjoys leading Wilderness Safaris in South Africa and dancing Kizomba.


Aaron Michael

Aaron Michael, sex coach, author, and founder of Suction Sex, is dedicated to the wholistic empowerment of people and couples to lead fruitful and fulfilling sex lives in and out of the bedroom.

Practicing massage since his early childhood by working on his mother’s pained neck, he deepened his hands-on knowledge through helping fellow athletes, fixing his own injuries, as well as receiving trauma informed training by a midwife. Aaron is educated in the cognitive sciences and has worked thousands of hours with men, women and couples to overcome their sexual dysfunctions and optimize their sex lives.

His globally recognized online courses, Blow His Mind & Be Her Best Ever, are revolutionizing how people have sex and enhancing their intimacy.

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