Indulge in Your Sensual Awakening:
A Journey with Dr. Saida Désilets

Explore, Savor, and Transform Your Sexuality and Self

Choose Your Path to Sensual Awakening:
From a Nibble to a Full Feast

A Nibble: Jade Egg Essentials

Begin your journey with the basics. Our Jade Egg Essentials introductory program offers the foundational knowledge and practices to awaken your sensuality. Perfect for those who want a taste of what’s to come.

What’s Included:


A 2 week step-by-step Playbook that leads you through a daily, 10 minute (minimum) practice along with a sample PDF of Saida’s book to get you started while you wait for your physical book to arrive.

Along with 13 Practice Videos that show you exactly how-to do each practice so you gain instant success.

It’s the perfect mini-immersion program to get you successfully started.

The program itself is held in a Password Protected Membership Site where you can watch the training online.

A Taste to Savor: Awakening the Sensual Woman

A Taste to Savor: Awakening the Sensual Woman

Dive deeper into your sensual awakening with this comprehensive program. ‘Awakening the Sensual Woman’ is designed to activate and enhance your sensuality, providing a more immersive experience. You don’t need a book or a toy, you just need time and a desire to awaken your desires.

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from your desires? Do you crave a more fulfilling and pleasurable relationship with yourself? It’s time to break free from inhibitions, shed societal conditioning, and reclaim the pleasure that you deserve. This immersion is here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Led by world-renowned pleasure doc, Dr. Saida, and the author of Optimal Sex Life, Aaron Michael, this immersive 6-week program is designed to unleash your pleasure potential like never before. Through expert guidance and transformative exercises, you’ll learn mind-blowing techniques, explore your desires, and develop unshakable confidence in expressing your authentic sexual self.

The Feast: Complete Sensual Awakening Package

If you’re ready to fully immerse yourself, this package includes ‘Awakening the Sensual Woman,’ ‘Jade Egg Mastery,‘ and your choice of one intensive immersion: ‘Shameless Surrender,’ ‘Sexy Menopause,’ or ‘Your Yoni Never Lies.’ Experience the full spectrum of sensual awakening and transformation.

More about Jade Egg Mastery:
This program is based both on my book, “The Emergence of the Sensual Woman – Awakening Our Erotic Innocence,” and on my latest research and in-field work.

The core of this program is based on my tried & true Désilets Method of doing the Jade Egg Practices and provides in-depth Jade Egg training. Details of the ENTIRE PROGRAM can be found at

More about Shameless Surrender:

Surrendering is something that can be edgy, terrifying, exhilarating, breath-taking and life-changing. Yet for most of us, surrender, at least TOTAL surrender, is something more of fantasy than reality. I believe that deep surrender is part of our feminine birthright. It requires shamelessness, especially about our own pleasure. Easier said than done, right?

This 6 hour immersion into exploring shame, shamelessness and the power of surrender. Essential for any woman who desires to let go more fully into her desire, pleasure, and receptive nature. Full of powerful practices and insights that create lasting transformation, inviting you to deeply enjoy the fullness of your Feminine nature. 

More about Sexy Menopause:

This 6 hour day-long immersion looks deeply at the current myths and facts of menopause and how to handle ‘the changes’ that may occur with ease, grace and pleasure.

Dr. Saida & Dr. Wickman, a leading Ob-Gyn, address: vaginal dryness, loss of libido, loss of energy, vaginal wall-thinning & what to do to transform these symptoms. THIS IS FOR ALL AGES.

More about Your Yoni Never Lies:

This 6 hour day-long immersion delves into how your yoni never lies, how you can decipher her messages and how to take appropriate action to ensure that you are living at your fullest pleasure and potential.

Dr. Saida and Dr. Debra, a leading Ob-Gyn, share their depth of wisdom about sexual imbalances, prolapses, and the intimate nature of your sexuality and heart.

Hear from women who have transformed their lives through these programs.

Extra Treat with Every Program

Each program comes with exclusive bonuses to enhance your journey. From downloadable guides to private community access, these extras are designed to support your transformation. PLUS: Free membership into our Embodied Love Lounge Podcast, in which you’ll hear Dr. Saida & Aaron Michael explore the juiciest topics in sex education

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