Playful Passionate Penetration Skills

(for him and her because penetration is bi-directional)


This playshop is for those who desire to take the intercourse part of their intimacy to a new level of skill, sensation, and pleasure. Note: Focus is predominantly for PIV (penis in vagina) and VAP (vagina around penis).

This is a replay of the clothes-on interactive event facilitated by
Aaron Michael, author of Optimal Sex Life and Dr. Saida, author of Desire


Bring an open mind, willingness to be playful and curious,
and a desire to explore and have fun. 

We will cover pleasure anatomy, what the roles of both
an active receiver and adaptive giver are,
and many fun ways to move which will extend sexual intimacy
and deepen the pleasure and orgasmic potential. 

All practices are demonstrated with clothes on.

What others are saying...

You have integrity, and that can be felt. Sex is expressed as something natural,
not hyped up, as it often comes across.

~ H. & A., USA

Very professional, inviting and full of lifeforce energy that made you smile and giggle.
I liked the seriousness and yet the playful tone at the same time. You make a challenging and serious theme
safe and fun and playful instead. That’s very important and you made it down to earth, so to speak.

~ T., Denmark

It felt natural to me. Watching you both was helpful for me to understand.
The hand gestures with pushing or squeezing were vitally important. I liked watching your
natural relationship and togetherness, as this made me feel safe and real.

~ L., USA

I was deeply touched by this playshop. While I was cupping my yoni
and you were demonstrating the movements I felt deeply moved. With tears flowing down my cheeks,
I felt deeply empowered as a woman AND as a virgin. 

~E., Holland

Aaron started off the session with breathing exercises and really emphasised how
to keep a connection with your lover. All aspects and content reassured me
that this was a workshop grounded in technical knowledge and respect.

I believe what you are both doing is helping us reset our connections and pleasure!
It’s so, so valuable. I had no idea it was possible to go this deep with any kind of training.

~ L., England

Everything seemed clear and easy to understand.
It seemed natural and comfortable, given that most of us don’t grow up
socialized to talk about sex, penetration, etc. 

~ M., USA

We love, love, LOVE the touching with the stomach and chest.  
It makes every difference with regard to really connected and integrated sex.
 It felt totally natural, because Saida and Aaron demonstrated it as such
– we LOVED to see both of you moving in this way.

~ U & partner, Germany