5-Day Immersion

Dancing On The Edge Of Our Eros

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Dr. Saida Désilets
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During this 5-DAY IMMERSION
You’ll Learn How To Experience The Very Thing You Desire —
even if you believe it’s not possible…

This 5-Day Immersion Is
An Exploration of
The Edges Of Our Eros

This immersion is for you if you are ready to

I’ll also show you how to identify what really lights you up, turns you on, and how to ask for exactly what you want without feeling shame, embarrassment, or being unworthy!

In This 5 Days...

If you’d like to stop feeling isolated, disconnected, ashamed, and triggered around exploring pleasure & eros, stop doubting that you are worthy of these things and fully experience the pleasure, being alive, turned on, excited, and energized… you don’t want to miss this 5-DAY IMMERSION.

Register today to embrace the natural, pleasurable facet of being a sensual human, with innumerable neuropathways to turn you on, no matter who you are or what experiences you’ve had.

DON’T DELAY: Pleasure is your birthright! 

Pay-It-Forward: By registering for the 5-Day Immersion, you are participating in supporting women around the world to free themselves. We proudly give a % of the revenue generated from this event to WorldPulse.

This is a non-refundable product.

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